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How to stay more productive during COVID-19 Lockdown

Productivity is most important during Covid-19 lockdown

No doubt, the pandemic has absolutely turned many lives upside down; people around the world have been shattered, because of multiple reasons like: Covid 19, lack of basic resources for survivals, loss of jobs, stress and anxiety and some even because of staying away from family.

Countries around the world have been shut down in order to prevent the virus from spreading, because of which nation’s economies are losing their values.

Stay more productive during covid-19

Future is unpredictable, at such situation nobody knows the end result of this virus neither anyone does hope of ending it soon because of increasing rate of infected patients. Yet, one should never lose hope, especially when you are surrounded with negativity.

The time seems hard but it too shall pass because as the proverb says, ‘Nothing is Permanent in this World, Except Change”

Yes, you read it right, the word ‘Change’ here denotes the lives of people after COVID 19 which won’t be the same ever!! Neither it should be!! So we have to stay productive during covid-19 lockdown.

Because this pandemic is going to impact the lives of many people, some for good and others definitely for bad.

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Zaheena Rasheed, 27 Mar 2020, Our lives after the coronavirus pandemic,

Not only globally but the impact is being quiet strong on Individuals as well. People are being stressed and depressed, some even committed suicide because they feared that they might get infected from the virus.

But that’s not the way to face any such situation, just like how the sun rises after the darkest night every next day, you too shall be within your daily rituals very soon, also with an energetic and positive attitude!

If at such situation you are thinking and trying to be productive than Congrats! You are already ahead of Millions of people because some are busy doing stuffs that won’t matter in their future like surfing the Internet whole day on different media, playing games, gossiping and many more.

But don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed after reading this article, just following the below tips would easily help you out in achieving your desired goal of this Lock down period.

stay more productive during Covid 19 lockdown:



Lock down has made people lazy because they are stuck inside their house and don’t have enough things to do, this might seem like nothing but this can cause different kinds of physical diseases also can even lead to develop procrastination habit, so do make your body turn 360 degree every next morning this will help you to stay productive during covod-19.

If you are not habituated then starting your day with just a simple stretching exercise can also boost up your energy level and make you feel energetic whole day. Similarly, Yoga or some sort of Cardio also plays a great role.



Just like Physical fitness, mental fitness is even more important because the entire body’s part/organ is manipulated by your brain. Strong mind would always lead to strong and healthy body resulting in happy and content life.

Meditation can help you do wonder & help to stay productive during covid-19, it is believed that, the one who can have control over his mind can have control over the Universe!! Don’t let this pandemic hinder your peace of mind. Get your-self into fresh and quiet environment every morning and do let your soul boost for a while.


Reading books

Because of strict restriction imposed by governments’ around the world, people are not being able to leave their house, neither being able to move from one place to another place, which is making them more vulnerable.

But why to wonder? Build a habit of reading, it can be anything like: course book, online news, current affairs, business magazines, novels, stories or anything that you find interesting and is worth reading. It would help you expand your knowledge by updating you with every new thing happening around the world.

Eating Healthy:

Healthy foods

Well, if you are here reading this, than you must have read tons of articles and heard tons of news from the very first day of lockdown on how to tackle this Covid 19 kind of virus. And you must know it, Yeah, that’s about your immunity system!!

We all know that we won’t be having any kind of vaccine in near future or soon, only thing that can prevent you or fight for you from this virus is your Immunity System. And in order to make it strong enough to fight, you will have to follow strict diet of fresh and home-made foods, vegetables, fruits, dairies and so on. Just do not compromise with your fitness ever!!

Get into Online Courses:

Online course

There are varieties of institutes that are providing different kinds of free online courses on Internet and start blogging, online course selling digital products, This is a great way to optimize your time by investing it on self-improvement kind of stuff. You won’t be getting this opportunity again so go and get your desired course at free of cost.

You will also be rewarded with a Digital Certificate of Course Completion. This would definitely help you boost up your Professional Profile for future, so just for the sake of your dream, get out of your comfort zone and work for your dream life as well. It’s the right time and opportunity because this might not be available in future!

Boost Up your Skills:

Boost skills

Do remember all those skills and talents that you procrastinated over past years, that can be anything, also think about your hobbies and passion as well.

Do you really think that you would ever get any better chance to work on those skills and talents than this? Just step outside of your house and see the silent road and environment, you would realize that people are really busy getting their shit together!

Do not wait, you have smart phone, and internet connection and You Tube, just go for it. Make yourself skilled and qualified enough on that every skill which you ever dreamed of; it can be anything like: cooking, dancing, singing, fine arts, and many more.

So, now you are well aware about how you can stay mode productive with minimal effort during this Covid 19 Lockdown. Now no more laziness and procrastination, just take this period as an opportunity for your personal growth.

Once you follow the above listed points, you won’t be feeling guilty for not making your day productive. It is not about any specific thing, but about your personality, your overall growth!

The time is yours and the best part about it is that, it is all up to you that how you shall be spending this time in a best possible way, so do not wait for the next moment, who knows you might not get this opportunity again!

Just remember one thing, whatever you do, you do for yourself, either it is good or bad. If you are struggling with something than that’s completely your issue, your loved one’s or close friend may seem like consoling and helping you but that won’t be helping you in any way, until your mind set is not strong.

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