How To Start Blogging In Nepal Full Guide (2020)

How can you start blogging in Nepal with free tools and free resources

This is a great thing if you want to start blogging in Nepal, but before you get start a blog there are many things that we need to pay attention to. What is it, why do you want to start a blog?

because everyone has their own motives for starting a blogging, some people open blogs for the purpose of making some money monthly from blogs as passive income, some people like to teach what they know and some people like to write articles,

Start blogging in nepal
Start blogging in nepal

but blogs The main purpose of this is to write what you know, if you can write, if you can explain anything well, then you are doing very well by starting a blog, and if you don’t know how to write and you are doing all this in front of others, then I will tell you. Personally, I would like to say don’t start work, don’t set foot in this blogging field by looking at others.

It’s not just that if you do something forcibly or unintentionally, you will never succeed, but if you want to do something from the inside and want to learn, that’s a good thing.

Start blogging in nepal
Start blogging in nepal

If you are new to this field and you want to start your own blog with the help of free resources and tools without investing then and are the right platform for you.

Let me tell you and is not a same thing there is difference between and and we will talk later on.

Let me tell you, these two platforms are based on (CMS) content management system, and we don’t talk about what is CMS right now, but let’s understand in simple language, (CMS) is a software application that can be used to manage the creation and modification of digital content.

Start your blog on

Start your website on
Start your website on

1. Go to
2. Confirm your profile
3. Create a new blog
4. Enter a domain name as your requirement like and with that Also write down the titles and descriptions of your website that you are about to start with.
5. Start your blog
6. Go to your dashboard

Blogger dashboard
Blogger dashboard

Once you have done all your work, you can now use free themes that match your blog’s content. The layout of your website depends on your theme, so use a good and light theme when using themes. When users come to your website, make it easy for them to fall in and find something that attracts users.

Many people makes the mistake of trying to make their website look good they Uses heavy themes that affect the speed and performance of your website.

That’s why don’t think too much, keep it simple and light, it will improve the user experience.

start your blogging on

Start your website on
Start your website on

1. Go to
2. Sign up with your email and fill the require details.
3. Provide your domain name, if you choose bm2world then you will get because we are using it for free so we will get subdomain
4. Use your site about title and description make it cache if possible.
5. Then activate your account
6. Go to the dashboard
Once everything is done you can use free theme and free plugins to make your website beautiful and well customized wordpress website and make pages and post and publish them.

Wordpress dashboard
WordPress dashboard

But I highly recommend, if you have some money to invest then I prefer to use wordpress because wordpress has much advance features as compare to blogger.
you just have invest small amount of money around $30 to $40 means 4000 to 5000 in Nepal.

first You can buy your own custom domain like .com .net or .org You can buy anything but. I suggest to buy .com because google prefer this domain and google gives high priority to .com domains.

Best web hosting company in nepal
Best web hosting company

Best web hosting company

If you want to buy a good hosting company then there are many hosting companies in the market now, most of the peoples are often confused as to which hosting to buy from where. so You can buy hosting from.

ResellerClub < cloud hosting at cheap rate

Best web hosting company in nepal

if you don’t have a international payment method to buy hosting from these company and want to start blogging in Nepal then you can choose these

himalayan host
Ehosting server
Babal host
Mero cloud host < cloud hosting at suitable price.
Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that no matter where the hosting comes from and you purchase. but, the quality of the hosting should be good, because a good server speeds up your website, and according to Google.

if your website or page don’t open within 2/4 seconds, users will leave your website. Which increases the bounce rate of your website that aren’t considered good by Google and your website will be downGrade, so the speed of the website is very important. And its matter a lot.

And after you have done all this, you can write down posts on your website according to the website niche and give some times your website. gain some visitor by providing a good content.

And when you think there are enough visitors on your website, you can monitize your website with Google AdSense and once you get approval and your website is ready to show ads by google aftar that you can earn money from google adsense.

If you follow all these steps and learn additional tips like keyword research, SEO off page on page SEO, how to get Backlinks from others then you can start a blogging in Nepal and you will be a very good blogger in future.

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