What is link reclamation & guide to link reclamation in 2020

link Reclamation is very important because most of the time we build backlinks to increase the Domain authority of our website. And sometimes it happens that the backlinks we did created might broken.

And when many backlinks to our website are broken which points our website to the wrong url. Which is why we don’t get the right link juice. And because of this, the backlinks that you used to build the authority of your website will gradually reduce the authority of your website and will have a detrimental effect on your google rankings.

That’s why it’s important to do off-page SEO just like we do on-page SEO. In the same way, we have to optimize our created links, just as we audit the website, we also have to audit the links from time to time.

to make sure that The backlinks we have created are not broken, if any, you can reclaim them by fixing them in time and keep a proper backlinks for our website.

Here are 4 common reason for link losses & how Link Reclamation help

  1. Your link is page removed from the linking pages
  2. The linking pages no longer exist (404 error)
  3. The linking page gets 301 redirected
  4. The linking page no longer indexed in google search

These 4 points that cause a link to be losses on our website but now what is the solution?

When we talk about link reclamation it is a kind of process, what kind of process? The process is to find out where the links on our website are broken. Fixing it or replacing it is basically the job of link reclamation.

Link reclamation
Link reclamation website A to website B

Suppose “A” website is gives a backlinks to your website “B”. But if the page for which the backlinks are provided has been removed from your website, it will be counted as a broken link. its simple all we know that. Link Reclamation works to find, fix or replace this error.

And when we are talking about finding broken backlinks here, we have to take the help of tools for that. Let’s see what processes are included here.

The procress to start to fix these broken backlinks issue.

Start from Internal Links
Now, what is the meaning of internal link? There are some pages on your website A.com. Such as page number 1, page number 2 and page number 3. Now suppose you use any tool for this page as if you used the Screaming Frog tool. that you have able to detect a page that has a 404 error.

Now you have found that the page that has a 404 error which is giving backlinks from other page on that page which is your internal link. It is still a BrokenLinks. Isnt it?

Link reclamation broken links
Link reclamation broken links

Now we start fixing this error from this internal link bu Why start with an internal link? Because This internal link has our access and it is under our control. When the website is ours, we can do whatever we like with the internal links of our website.

external links – Broken links find your backlinks are pointing to any 4xx result

Now hhhjj we can use the ahref tool to figure out how to fix this. And there we can see the link profile of our website to see how many backlinks our website has, what backlinks it has, where it has backlinks. And the backlinks that have been created for our page. We need to see which backlinks are created for which pages of our website.

What we need to see is that there is no backlinks 404 error. At the first point we saw the same thing but with the help of Screaming Frog tool we saw the internal link 404 error page.

And using the ahref tool, go to the link profile and see the external link. Which 404 error points are occured And this way we can complete the process of link reclamation.

Unlinked mentions use tools like google alert, Brand etc

Suppose someone mentions you on another website. But backlink was not given but there was a chance to get backlink but did not get it. my website bm2world.com was mentioned on a website or a blog but no link was given. In this case i can approach another website that you mentioned to me but did not provide the link.

Now the question is how do we identify the mention? Which websites have mentioned us and which have not. For that we can set brand alert. You can use google alert and you can use other ORM tools. Using these tools you can find out and get backlinks. That’s all there is to it and I hope you understand what link reclamation is and how it works. Here is a brief overview.

Watch video for practical

Video source: The big marketer