How to earn from Google AdSense in 2020?

Getting your blog or site approved by Google Adsense can be a little difficult as there are many content guidelines that your blog should follow. Have you been wondering on how to earn from your blog without Adsense?

If you?ve got the approval, its great! Adsense brings about a steady income flow every month.

But, if you have don?t approved by Adsense or banned, it is not the end for you. Here I?ll be sharing methods other than Adsense, through which you can earn from blogging.

People usually prefer Adsense because of its simplicity. It displays quality ads which don?t need to change manually.

It updates automatically according to your viewer. And one of the biggest factors is that it is trustworthy in terms of timely payouts.

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But there are also some issues with Adsense. For example, in order to earn more, you have to pay more attention to optimizing your content with keywords that provide high CPCs.

Following are some of the best alternatives to Adsense.

You might already know what affiliate networks are, if you don?t, let me explain it to you in a nutshell.

Affiliates work in a way in which when a viewer buys a product from your link placed on your site, you receive a commission on it.

The more expensive the product is, the higher will be your commission. Some of the popular affiliate networks are Amazon, Flipkart, Propeller Ads,and

Viglink is an affiliate marketing network which has more than 35,000 merchants under it. Once you sign up on VigLink, you have automatically signed with all of their merchants.

When you Sign up on Viglink and install it on your site, it analyses your content and selects the words/brand/phrase that can lead to acquiring potential customers for one of its merchants.

Each link has an API Key that identifies that it is from your site. From every click/purchase your earn from your blog!

The best thing about Propeller Ads is that their minimum payout is just $25. But there?s a condition, it is applicable to only those publishers who signed up after 1st October 2017.

If you don?t fall under this category of publishers, the minimum payout is $100 for you.

Propeller Ads support a variety of payment methods such as

It is a great method to earn from your blog alternative for budding bloggers because of instant approval. You can somewhere around $1-$4 for 1,000 views.

They provide one of the highest CPM rates and different types of ads like,

  • PopUnder
  • Banner Advertising
  • Push notification ads
  • Interstitial mobile ads
  • Native Direct Ads
  • Dialogue Ads

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Firstly, your blog should be in English language for it to be approved for It accepts only the sites which are primarily in English.

After you sign up and get approved on, you get a dedicated manager. A dedicated manager works closely with you to help maximize the income from your ads.

How convenient is that?

The minimum payout on is $100. Each application is checked manually and in some ways can be harder to get approved on that Adsense.

But it is worth it because it generates higher revenue as well. Your site should follow the usual ethics of blogging and have quality content.

Another tip, make sure you regularly update your blog because they give a preference to regularly active blogs.

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