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Is true Google AdSense Shutting Down or Google AdSense application Closed 2020? Full Information

Is true that Google AdSense No More?

Is Google Adsense Nearing or Is Google Adsense shutting down? Related to this question, most of the people’s have a lot of question in the last Google AdSense update, so it becomes my duty that I give you a right information

So, if there is any kind of confusion going on in your mind like Google Adsense shutting down then it should be clear, But one of these things is absolutely true that Google stopped its application with AdSense. But

If you are an Android user in today’s date, then you will go to the Play Store and write Adsense, then you will not see any application value of Google Adsense and in the same way if you are a Iphone user, then you will go to the App Store and check if the friend is there. But you will not get an application at all

In 2019, Google announced that they will close their action application for Android and iOS users and at that time to emerge from any reason and still be Was going on but If you search today, you will not find the application inside Android, nor will you find the application inside iphone Devices, if you are already using Google application and you have installed Already.

Then you can use it for a few months how many months 1 month, 2 months or 3 months, after that your application will not be of any use, from which you want to use Google AdSense. They cannot use this application at all and your Google Adsense shutting down

The reason behind Google AdSense App closed.

The biggest reason behind this is that Google application wants to invest more on the web application, that is when we go to our browser and login Google Adsense, then we want to add within that can open such application. So they are Google Adsense shutting down

If you want to add features and additions within the same then there will be such applications which can open it inside any platform. we Can say that such a website which Already open inside their browser. The person behind it is going to be very good, so you do not need to take tension that your Google account will be closed.

The reason behind Google AdSense App closed.

There is no such news that Google apps are shutting themselves down due to LockDown. If you are saying anything like this, then friend its fake news. they Just close your application in Google Adsense because they want to invest more in the application.

More inside it and wants to bring more features in Google Adsense. But When will it come? This will tell the time to come, but you do not stay in this deception at all, Google has finished you.

Do we get Google AdSense Approval in Covid-19?

During the period of LockDown, you will find Google a little late, you all know that speed has slowed down a bit due to the Covid-19. If you put the approval of the application nowadays, then you can get approval in the coming two-three months or as soon as your number will come. But I highly recommend you do not apply for Google AdSense.

But till now you can learn some amazing things and you must have a look and lrarn before get start your blogging career like.

Do we get Payment from Google AdSense or not?

If you have already applied to Google then nowadays it’s might be delayed. So Google Adsense related. If you have any tension, related do we get payment from Google AdSense or not? then you do not need to think anything because Google Adsense is not going to stop so soon.


Google AdSense payment during Covid-19

If you use Blogger, WordPress & YouTube then you all know Google’s payment has just arrived. You do not need to take any tension from this. It will take some time.

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