Filetera free 2000GB cloud storage and file share full details

Filetera provide free 2000GB/2TB cloud storage

Time was different around 6 or 7 years ago and mobile users didn’t really care about memory and storage, because we’ve all seen 1GB, 2GB and 4GB of memory we used to use and that was enough for us, but times have changed now memory storage like ordinary 2GB / 4GB could not be made nowadays because everything is going to be developed in the today digital age.

In the same way, you always have a problem with the phone or storage to keep the photo, video record, files or confidential information of the phone
But your storage does not allow you to keep all the information in one place with security and for which you use storage like Google Drive, Microsoft and Dropbox. But after one time we will need to upgrade your plan for more storage and for that We have to pay for it.

With all these problems in mind, a company has come up with a great opportunity for us, which gives us not only 100 GB or 500 GB, but 2000 GB, yes! that is 2 TB of storage for free. That company’s name is Yes, wherever we can share every photo, video, personal data of your mobile or any file you want with your partner, we can easily share it from filetera and not only that, you can share that file secretly with the person you want. If you wish, you can use the password system in your file.

Just follow the simple steps.

file in your username with your website domain name

username example,,, or other,
or your Youtube channel link example

How to register in filetera

1. fill in the username with your web domain no spaces example username like my website is  ( and password and email click on sign up

2. Wait for about 1/2 minutes and Verification link will be sent and click on verify

3. Log in with the username and password you choose before.

You may be wondering that this company will ask to us about our personal bank details, credit card or debit card number on free plan but no nothing else wil be asked but infact it’s very normal registration process.

Filetera login
Filetera login
Filetera interface
Filetera interface

Filetera free storage Features

FILETERA is a free 2000 GB Premium cloud storage online Website

1. You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars. They gave 2000GB for free 2TB
2. Maximum speed
3. Available file sharing with password
4. Generated link won’t be expire
5. Unlimited Downloader
6. Multigrup file Share
7. No ads & No PoP ups

Filetera upload file
Filetera upload file

please put your file in the youtube video description or on a blog and share social media, because FILETERA is specifically for sharing links or Traffics.

Filetera on playstore : Download

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