Google not working Domain Expired news

Many of you got confused when you are trying to login your website but when you tried this your not working and you might have think that Google’s blogger permanently shut down? If you are in the news or on youtube, you may be heard these types of news but you may have a new message on your blogger’s dashboard. not working not working

If your blog is inside Blogger and especially your blogger’s extention is then he may not have access right now. When I try to open my domain, it says “The site couldn’t be reached”. not working not working

You may also know that platform was created especially for india and its active domain registration in india alone was 4 million or 40 lakh And from today it is closed or has not been running for some time.

Is not working or  domain permanently closed?

Nowadays, many bloggers are wondering whether is really closed. In fact, you can see something like that. is still doing well and its opening able to access, but bloggers have an extention depending on the country. As India has domain extension it is closed now.

I don’t even know if it? But according news Google did not renew the domain and as it expired, the domain was bought by an Indian company, and now the domain has also been put up for sale.

If your blog was inside and you had some important documents or some daily traffic then now is the time for you to lose all that. If your site is still open, add all backups as soon as possible.

If the domain is no longer with Google, then Google will not be able to redirect this domain and the new company will not have all the data of Google, which is why it bad for now that your website is no longer open. But in the future, it would be nice if Google and the new company that bought it, merged and re-launched, but also the traffic of your website and your ranking all go down.

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What happened now is that when Google launched in India in 2012, it had an expiry date of May 21 2020, but because Google did not renew its domain in May 2020, the domain expired and Indian based company bought it not working bought

It is unknown at this time what google will do after leaving the post. The domain name is currently on sale at 4.5 lakh in the website market. I think Google will buy this domain because there is no shortage of money with Google. Google does not compromise its user experience.

Google may be relaunching its platform again by buying with in the near future, but for now it is permanently closed and not only you but me, everyone else is lose their website on