Best voice changer android application in 2020

Top 7 best voice changer application list in 2020

Most of the people’s want to change their voice normal into unique but thanks to the technology, today we have a platform and tools that we can change our voice with so many voice changer application and we can make our voice different, unique and amazing.

Therefore I have mention top 7 best voice changer application with their features and specifications

Best voice change app lists

  1. Voice changer with effect
  2. Voice changer
  3. MagicCall voice changer app
  4. Narrator’s voice
  5. Video voice changer FX
  6. Voice changer sound effect
  7. Voice changer voice recorder

Voice changer with effect – baviux

Voice changer with effect
Voice changer with effect

About voice changer with effects

Record your voice with voice changer app and apply effects and share it with your friends and family voice changer app is one of the best and most download app on Google playstore.

You can change your voice with so many filters and make prank with your friends & family, as you can see voice changer effect is on top of my list and Google play store because,

Includes more than 40 effects are available like
Helium, robot, giant, backwards, monster, extraterrestrial, zombie, alien, squirrel, drunk & many more.

Feature of the voice changer with effect

  • Share (whatsapp, facebook, e-mail, etc…)
  • Save recording
  • Piano mode
  • Create voice with image, You can share it on social media.
  • Import mode available for pre-recorded sound
  • Create your voice with by text
  • Set as rington
  • Set as notification sound and many more.

Download voice changer

Voice changer – AndroidRock

Voice changer
Voice changer

About voice changer

Voice changer provide us so many voice filters like robotic, alien, chipmunk, hoarse and other funny effects for your voice!

I think this is one of the best app for changing your voice by applying effects on the records
It is not so hard to use and can generate awesome and reliable voice.

Features of the voice changer

Record your audio & simply apply an effect to your audio.
Open your audio and place an effect on it.
View, you can edit your audio.
Once your audio will be recorded you can share your audio with your friends and family on any social platform include shareit and Bluetooth too.

You can also apply the listed effects multiple times there is no barrier to generate audio of different effects for your voices.

Download voice changer

MagicCall voice changer app – BNG MOBILE

MagicCall voice changer app
MagicCall voice changer app

About MagicCall Voice changer app

You can change your voice during your call

You can have better experience phone call with changing voice on MagicCall – The Voice Changer App

Change your voice instead while your calling being proceed.

Features of the Magic Call App – Voice changer during call

  • The real-time voice changing on phone call. As you can choose female voice changer, kid voice changer, cartoon voice changer so many modes are available
  • Switch to the effects between different voices during the phone call
  • You will get free credit on first time registration
  • you can test your voice weather how is it sounds before making any calls
  • Very easy to make a funny call to your particular person
  • Play sound emoticons like cartoon kiss, blink, clap etc. during the call

Take fun to the next level with the BACKGROUND VOICES on MagicCall. Use Raining noise, Happy Birthday Background, Traffic Noise and Music Concert background while talking to friends on call.

Magic Call app has multiple voices like female voice changer, cartoon voice changer, male voice changer etc. Using this app you can:

1. Change voice to female
2. Change voice to male
3. Talk like a cartoon
4. Choose Normal Voice option to make a normal call

Download voice changer

Narrator’s voice – Escola technologies

Narrator's voice
Narrator’s voice

About narrator’s voice

You can speak up with so many voices in so many different languages and very easy to convert your text into speech. (TTS)

Narrator’s voice changing app allow you to create and let you share amazing messages using a narrator’s voice as your choice.

Awesome wide range of languages and flexible pleasant soundibg voices.

You can speak or type a message and you can choose the any language, voice and any special effects for the app to use.

The final product is an altered articulation of your unique message, which you can share as you wish.

Videos are probably the best undertaking for the voice of the storyteller, to portray the storyteller or to remark on what’s going on the screen. Actually numerous individuals are utilizing Narrator’s Voice app to add audio to their YouTube videos, giving them an unmistakable sound that upgrades the general video sound.

Utilizing static pictures, slideshows, e-learning ventures, or whatever else that can profit by supportive remarks or clarifications can be similarly fruitful.

Individuals are sharing it on the drive. Millions are utilizing it, and many are happy with it.

Features of the narrator’s voice

  • you can convert text to audio file MP3 or video MP4 and all file are shareable to social media
  • Create or open text file, read aloud it, or export/share text as audio/video file.
  • your phone will read and speak while you are typing
  • With so many voices and effects in many languages are available
  • It’s doesn’t Produced unexpressive voice it’s totally natural sounding voices.
  • Make funny messages with your friends & family TIMELINE.
  • Best text to voice and text to speech (TTS) app
  • Include pinksheep voice (pink sheep), MLG voice – Daniel UK, CORTANA voice and others…
  • Important thing is this app is Recommended by so many YouTubers [personally they uses this app]
  • it’s work even after offline when you saved
  • Great for app most of YouTube channels use this app.
  • text to speech system are available.

Download voice changer

Video voice changer FX- Bizo mobile

Video voice changer FX
Video voice changer FX

About video voice changer FX

If you are a animal & creature lover then this app is for you because you can change your voice to sound like a animal, squirrel, alien or other so many funny creatures!

This app has a features to let you change your voice into a video to sound like a funny animals & creatures! Just record a video, or select it wherever you have saved before.

choose the effect and create a funny voice video within a minute, it won’t takes your too many times Available sound effects in Video Voice Changer FX:

Feature of the video voice changer FX

  • squirrel or chipmunk sound are available
  • helium audio and videos effects
  • devil, alien and space ship
  • Echo robot and robot soldier sound are available
  • many more things are on app.
  • Result video effect will be auto saved to your SD card, as you can simply publish your voice anywhere you want. You can also switch effects in live while playing the video!

Download voice changer

Voice changer sound effect – 9xgeneration

Voice changer sound effect

About voice changer sound effects

You can Add so many effects on voice changer app even change your voice and all sounds in one, no restrictions no close app error.

I think this is One of the best voice changer app in playstore and it’s very Fast, convenient and anyone can use it very easily.

Features of the voice changer sound effects

  • Amazing effects are available like normal, helium, hexafluoride, fast, slow, cave, chipmunk, monster, alien, big sound, small sound, bee, death
  • add your Custom sound with effects like echo, reverb, pitch, tempo, volume, bass, mid, treble
  • You can record you voice in your phone and you will be able change your voice directly.
  • Smart microphone for karaoke, turn on it and you can hear your voice how is it.
  • Import your file from your mobile or pc like sound, song, audio files, add effects and change them.
  • Save your items and share it with your friends, set as rington with good sound quality

Download voice changer

Voice changer voice recorder – Editor & Effect – handy tool studio

Voice changer voice recorder - Editor & Effect
Voice changer voice recorder

About voice changer voice recorder editor & recorder

Most Funny effects for changing your voice Enchanting sound for singing and these All are free no payment no subscription and even you don’t need to create an account just simply download it from playstore and use.

If you Want to change your voice to a robot, alien, superhero, female or man there is it’s available, Want to enhance your voice quality for singing? Voice Changer with effects will change voice to lots of funny effects or improve your voice quality for singing.

Recording your voice in high quality sound or opening a audio, apply effects, and share them with your friends. The application supports many different effects and you can customize custom parameters to get the best sound effect for you.

Voice changer app for phone calls & Messenger Voice Changer

With our voice changer gliding windows, you can send the voice messages with impacts to your companions now. You simply need to play the voices in the rundown and record it by means of your dispatcher or calls.

Feature of voice changer voice recorder editor & recorder

  • Voice changer app supports many effects: Funny voice effects:
    Baby Robot
    Old man
  • Voice effects for singing
    Karaoke Reverb
    Chorus effects
    Phonograph effects
    Studio Reverb
    Theater Reverb
    Concert Reverb
  • Superhero voice effects
    Star War

Download voice changer

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