How to join Affiliate marketing in nepal and earn money in 2020

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an relationship between 2 company or company and a single person who helps to sell your product or service to customers that’s called by affiliate.

If someone drives you a lead or a sale, you pay them out. You pay them on a (CPA) cost per action can be a lead or a sale for you. And you can even determine what you want to pay people.

Now we can sell any product in two ways, one offline and the other is online but we are not talking about offline here.

Affiliate marketing in nepal
Affiliate marketing in nepal

Today, not only in foreign countries, but also in Nepal, the popularity of online shopping has increased a lot. The main reason for the popularity of online shopping is very easy. and you don’t have to go to the market to buy anything and you can buy and order anything at home which saves your time.

And its popularity is likely to grow in the near future and these are the things that companies pay attention to build an affiliate marketing system in their company that benefits both of side, seller and company.

Here the commission rate of every company and goods is different. Some goods have 3%, some have 5% and some have up to 10% to 15% affiliate commissions.

Affiliate marketing programe company name in Nepal ?

  • Amazon affiliate program
  • SastoDeal affiliate program
  • HamroBazaar affiliate program
  • Grammarly affiliate program
  • Clothing Nepal affiliate program
  • CPA network
  • SabkoPasal affiliate program
  • ChoiceMandu affiliate program

Include them here is 25 best tips for affiliate marketing 

If you want to become a affiliate program in Nepal with hosting site then you have a lots of hosting company in Nepal who provide affiliate program like:
babal host, himalayan host, eHostingServer, WebHostNepal there are so many hosting company In Nepal.

There are many other affiliate program company in Nepal that I have not mentioned above but you can search later after you will become a successful affiliate partner.

Because the scope of affiliate program is more in foreign countries now than in Nepal and where commission rate is also higher but I want you to start your work from scratch and learn from it and join big companies later.

Types of affiliate marketing program ?

Types of affiliate marketing program
Types of affiliate marketing program
  • CPA (Cost Per Action)
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead)
  • CPI (Cost Per Install)
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)

CPA (Cost Per Action) –The CPA model is the best model compared to the CPS model. In this model you do not need to sell the product to the customer. A simple task like downloading, installing, online survey, website registrar etc. is enough to generate some commission.

CPL (Cost Per Lead) – This type of affiliate network mainly focuses on email / zip submit like website registration.

CPI (Cost Per Install) – This type of affiliate network is primarily focused on downloads and installations, which may be games or applications or sometimes it will offer you downloadable web browser extensions.

CPC (Cost Per Click) – This type of affiliate network only focuses on the clicks. But it is very hard to find the CPC affiliate network. Only very few affiliate networks like viglink provide these types of services.

But in Affiliate Marketing, CPA is given special priority and whether it is Affiliate Marketing in Nepal or abroad, CPA model seems to be the most used.

How to Join affiliate program in Nepal?

To join the affiliate program, first go to the any affiliate website of the company you want to join, the online shopping, online store or ecommerce website like Amazon, SastoDeal, BabalHost, Clothing Nepal, CPA marketing anything you want to join. Just join it.

Then go to that website and fill out all the forms that you have asked for and When you join your affiliate program, you have to choose the type of product you want to sell in affiliate program.

But don’t think that I sell all kinds of products because most people make the same mistake. They want to sell all kinds of products which are not seems very successful affiliate partner till now.

after successfull joined affiliate program you will receive referral links to your affiliate program as soon as you create your affiliate account.

Affiliate marketing referral link
Affiliate marketing referral link

When you receive a referral link, do not change the link from a publisher to a short link, like or like this don’t ever change your link otherwise your link may expire and you will not receive affiliate commission.

Because a lot of people have been using shortlinks to increase their revenue, which has been proven wrong, you shouldn’t make the same mistake. Always your your real link and share as it is.

Affiliate marketing referral link
Affiliate marketing referral link

How to earn Money from affiliate marketing in Nepal?

The link you got when you joined Affiliate Marketing program is now more than how to use that link to make your own revenue is most important topic.

We all know that Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many others all these networks are very popular platforms where daily millions of visitors are spreading that you can share affiliate links by creating a page or group.

But if you still want to make this work more professional, if you have some money to invest with, you can create your own affiliate website and list any products on your website.

If you don’t know how to build a website and want to make it easier and faster, you can create your own website in WordPress. Because it is easy to create affiliate websites in WordPress, you can find the WordPress eCommerse theme layouts and pre-made templates you are looking for.

And if you want to make it even easier, you will come across a variety of plugins that are specifically designed for affiliates Marketing who list any Products of websites on your particular affiliate website with your help.

But this method is a bit expensive, but it’s work very well and this method is for the person who wants to work for a long time with professionally But ordinary people like you and me can’t afford to invest so much. For that we have to promote our referral link through social media or take the help of any free tool.

But I would suggest to you that if you have money to invest, you should learn all these things first and then invest, but if you do not have money to invest for now, you should invest by earning money after a while. but work professionally.

Now the question in your mind is how much money can we make from affiliate marketing? But what I want to say is that nowadays people from Nepal to foreign countries are connected with affiliate marketing programs and some of them are earning 10 lakhs per month from affiliate merketing program, some are earning 3 lakhs, some are earning 10/30 Thousand and some have not been able to earn even 100 rupees per month.

But you started this job today and don’t think you can make money from tomorrow, first you have to work, you have to give your time, you have to learn some strategies and you have to work patiently, maybe you can earn more than you think. Yes. But it takes time.

Not sure how much you earn here, because the harder you work, the smarter you work, the more you get the result Whatever you do, your result is the same.

But in the context of Nepal, We can’t earn as much money from affiliate marketing in Nepal as people outside Nepal are earning. But what we need to understand is that Nepal is a country that has entered the digital age and there is a great future of affiliate marketing in the future.

and in the meanwhile if you Start your work from today, it will be much good for you for your future and Many Opportunities are coming with it. So Don’t step back for affiliate marketing in Nepal.

Most people who make money online remember Google AdSense and various other AdSense alternatives but in my personal experience we can make more money from affiliate marketing than Google AdSense if done correctly.

The different types of affiliate marketing set-upsAdvertiser Publisher network customers

Advertiser: This is a company that seeks to sell its products or services and pay a commission to promote or sell to someone.

Publisher: A person or company interested in promoting an advertiser’s service or product instead of a commission.

Network: This is a company that provides technology solutions to enable track enable of work.

Consumer: is obviously the last component, and is either purchasing advertiser goods and services or completing a specific task such as signing up for a newsletter.

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