Most uses top 59 Chinese Apps Banned in India in 2020

India has taken action against china and therefore 59 Chinese Apps has banned in india

India has just announced that 59 Chinese apps banned in India on June 29, 2020. The relationship between India and China seems to be deteriorating for some time now, which may be the reason why, India has banned Chinese apps?
It’s Digital Strike is not the surgical strike that India has used against China, it has 59 built-in Chinese apps mainly for famous apps like Tiktok, Helo App, ShareiT and Baidu.

59 chinese Apps has banned in India
59 chinese Apps banned in India

Why, indian government has banned chinese app?

The government of India says that we are giving such a permission to this familiar chinese app that they use our data that our data goes to them which is not good for anyone. Because all of our personal data goes to China’s servers and all of that data can be used by China in its own way, the Indian government is now trying to use its own country’s apps and products.

Although all the popular apps appear on your Android mobile or iPhone and run on your device, you can also find these apps in Playstore or App Store, but gradually all these apps are disappearing from India after some time. Later, the apps on your mobile will not work either.

And then all the apps are not available on Playstore or App Store and gradually the Indian government sends legal notices to India’s telecom companies like Jio, Vodafone, Idea and all these telecom companies. They start doing it. And all the internet companies and telecom companies will banned these apps from their own servers. This means that you will not receive an Internet service for those apps.

India banned 59 chinese app list

Here’s the complete list of the 59 chinese Apps banned in india

1. TikTok
2. Shareit
3. Kwai
4. UC Browser
5. Baidu map
6. Shein
7. Clash of Kings
8. DU battery saver
9. Helo
10. Likee
11. YouCam makeup
12. Mi Community
13. CM Browers
14. Virus Cleaner
15. APUS Browser
17. Club Factory
18. Newsdog
19. Beutry Plus
20. WeChat
21. UC News
22. QQ Mail
23. Weibo
24. Xender
25. QQ Music
26. QQ Newsfeed
27. Bigo Live
28. SelfieCity
29. Mail Master
30. Parallel Space
31. Mi Video Call – Xiaomi
32. WeSync
33. ES File Explorer
34. Viva Video – QU Video Inc
35. Meitu
36. Vigo Video
37. New Video Status
38. DU Recorder
39. Vault- Hide
40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio
41. DU Cleaner
42. DU Browser
43. Hago Play With New Friends
44. Cam Scanner
45. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
46. Wonder Camera
47. Photo Wonder
48. QQ Player
49. We Meet
50. Sweet Selfie
51. Baidu Translate
52. Vmate
53. QQ International
54. QQ Security Center
55. QQ Launcher
56. U Video
57. V fly Status Video
58. Mobile Legends
59. DU Privacy

All of the above are 59 apps banned by India Government that we can no longer use and if you were used to make some money using these apps, this is bad news for you. You will be no longer access to these listed app.

But in parallel, there are many apps in India that offer the same kind of service and i features, and in the future there will be more valuable apps will be created from which you can do the same things that you used to do from the Chinese Apps. And in a way it has also created a new opportunity for you, us and India,

Where we can make India prosperous and self-reliant by making similar apps. And it benefits Google’s products somewhere.

Addition there are so many apps from China still which we using in our daily life like voice  Changer app which take away our phone call data, fake messaging apps, prank apps there are so many apps which need to be banned by the Government if India.

Tiktok Banned in India

This is true where we hear 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok Banned in india as we know, there are many tiktok users in india and from which the company making tiktok apps is making a lot of money from us and also misusing our personal data. Which is not good for us or anyone.

In many other countries, including India, we see popular apps like tiktok, Shareit, UC Browser, Hello App and We chat, which we use on a daily basis, and these Chinese companies seem to have a lot benefits.

And now the government of India has banned many popular apps like tiktok in India which can be a sad thing for some users because tiktok is very popular in many countries including India and tiktok is very popular among the common people. Given the opportunity to show off their skills and a distinct identity as well as the opportunity to earn a lot of money for users.

Is PUBG Mobile also got banned in India?

PUBG Mobile Banned in India
PUBG Mobile Banned in India

To date, there has been no official news and announcements from the Indian government that PUBG Mobile  has been banned because we know that even though Pugb Mobile is made by China, it also has partnerships with Pugb, South Korea and other Korean countries.

There has been no official announcement so, for now you don’t have to worry about this in fact you can find out PUBG MOBILE on Google playstore as similar in App store.

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