How to hack sagoon lite coin and get unlimited coins in 2020

Is that real that we can hack sagoon lite coin?

Before we hack sagoon lite coin first let’s talk about Sagoon lite app You are listening this app becomes a common now a days and if you are using this app now, then you may also be getting ads on your mobile isn’t it?

So If we use the referral code of a sagoon user while we create our account in the sagoon lite app, we get some coin as a bonus.

And if we can increase that number of coins than we can also take advantage of it, such as mobile balance Topup, wallet transfer, voucher or service but it’s according to different countries.

For all this, we want to increase our coin as much as possible. Because the more coins, the more benefits and so now what do you think? Even You can make unlimited coin by hacking sagoon lite coins and you may have already seen many videos related to this topic on Youtube.

But I don’t think there is such a thing as hacking and cracking are exist till now on Sagoon app and if someone does it, the first thing is that it is an illegal way and for that you have to be a super expert in the technical field and to do that I and my website do not even promote hacking.

So, You can get coin but I don’t call it hacking. It is a kind of trick. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. I don’t know if you can get unlimited coin according to this trick. Because in this trick you get as much coin as you work hard and we may not have time to do the same thing all day long.

To increase or hack sagoon lite coins follow these steps:

Hack sagoon lite coin
Hack sagoon lite coin

First Go to Google and do a search. “Receive free sms” as shown in the photo above and there you can see in the seach result. There is a list of various websites which provide you free numbers for sms OTP.

Go to any website and choose the any country number.

Hack sagoon lite coin
Choose any country number

Use the number to create a new account in sagoon lite. And don’t forget to enter your referral code when creating an account, otherwise you won’t get a bonus coin. Because we have to increase our coin by referring here and this is a trick you can say.

Now after creating the ID by entering the number to be taken from the website. Go to that website and refresh your screen. It may take 1 to 2 minutes for the message to arrive. Refresh your screen and keep checking.

Once you receive 5 Digit verification code Use the code to verify your ID in the sagoon app as it appears.

Just like when you create an ID with a new number, you verify that ID using your referral code. At the same time 500 coin comes in your account. But remember, the number you get on the website does not mean that all the numbers are available to create an new ID.

Because there are more smart users than us. Those who have already gone to that website have already used those numbers. That’s why some numbers might be taken by someone else so, you can try other numbers.

And keep repeating this process again and again. This is the process. I don’t think There is such thing as rocket science. There is nothing wrong with that once you have done it. If you have never done this, it is a little difficult Seems like but nothing difficult. Everyone is doing this. Everyone is trying. You should also try. You will be succeed

And keep repeating the same process. When you do it multiple times, you get an error like the one shown in the photo

Hack sagoon lite coin
Multiple hit and error occurred

To fix this error. All you have to do first go to Mobile setting> scroll down and find application or App> the scroll down and find sagoon lite> then go to storage> clear data that’s all after that you will be able to create next 4/5 ID’s and when you got this error then repeat same method again.

No parallel space, no clone app needed I think

And if you are thinking that it’s difficult to find correct and available numbers through the website, you can use any free numbering app from the Google play store.

Hack sagoon lite coin
Playstore SMS OTP demo

Simply Go to the simple google play store and search “text and call app for free” You can use any app on the floor as shown in the photo. The app provides free number and sms otp. Use that app.

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And repeat the same process. And you refer as much time as you work hard. That’s how much coin you can earn and it’s all up to you.

Here are some tips or sagoon lite coin hack 🙂 to help you increase your coin. Call it hacking or trick it. It’s up to you.